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During your stay at Qamea Resort & Spa, take time to unwind and delight your senses with treatments from Qamea's Beachfront Guinot Spa, or if you prefer, in the privacy of your Bure or Villa.

With the backdrop of the beach, the lapping of the ocean, and cooling sea breezes, Qamea's professionally trained masseuses and spa therapist will lull you into a well deserved sense of well-being and relaxation.

qamea resort beachfront spa massage
Qamea Resort Beachfront Spa Massage


Qamea Spa offers an extensive menu of Fijian body therapies and French facial therapies that relax, rejuvenate, revitalize and renew your mind, body and soul.

Guinot Institue, Paris combines specialized facial techniques and ingredients carefully selected by expert international beauticians, to deliver the best results for your skin concerns.

fiji beachfront spa massage
Beachfront Spa Bure



Spoil your senses within Qamea Spa with a smoothing body polish, back massage, exotic hand ritual manicure, Sole Delight pedicure and an Aromatic Facial. Enjoy a complimentary fresh tropical fruit smoothie at any time during your "Pure Indulgence" of four hours. 4 hours / FJD $ 400.00

Renew yourself from head to toe with this combination package incorporating a smoothing body polish, sole delight pedicure or Qamea signature body massage followed by Guinot's remarkable 'Beaute Neuve' effervescent facial.  This is a great combination to start your island escape.  3 hours / FJD $350, per couple (side by side) FJD $600

It takes two to Tango, so relax on Qamea by booking your "Lovers Tango Body Delight".  You will both receive a Tropical Raw Sugar Rub to deeply cleanse and remove dry, dead skin cells prior to a full body massage with exotic massage oil and luxurious body butter to melt your senses.  Per couple, side by side 1.5 hour / FJD $360

QAMEA " HONEYMOON HEAVEN"  (Great for Brides and Grooms)
This is the perfect package for those just married or those getting married in Qamea.  For the Bride, enjoy a smoothing body polish followed by an application of sun-less tan to ensure you glow with tropical radiance. Then relax while a manicure, pedicure and Hydradermie facial completes your pampering moment.  For the Groom, enjoy a smoothing body polish with sun-less tan application, man-icure, pedicure and Tres Homme Skin Therapy Facial.  It's then time to take your bride by the hand and say "I  DO ! "  This package time takes 4 hours with one therapist or 3 hours with two therapists working harmoniously together.  Bride / FJD $500, Groom / FJD $400, Per couple, side by side, FJD $900



Qamea Spa presents the following facial menu of excellence.  Enjoy the added relaxing benefit of a hand and foot massage during your facial time plus a complimentary eyebrow tidy……take deep breaths, it's time to relax!

Extremely rich in active principles, plants provide a source of energizing essential oils, a soothing effect, smell delightful and procure astonishing results for the skin. Your skin will be cleansed, gently exfoliated, massaged and renewed using cooling plant extracts, essential oils and a rubberized mask. 60 minutes / FJD $130

Leave your muddy complexion, fine lines, brown marks and small spots behind in the spa. This dual effect treatment is based on the complimentary action of fruit acids and fruit enzymes, eliminating dead cells and impurities with effervescent sensation. Your skin is renewed with a nourishing massage and fruit cocktail mask that will leave you radiantly refreshed. 75 minutes / FJD $150

A rapid, spetacular 'lifting' effect that instantly makes the skin look more youthful - this is now more than just a promise…..Liftosome, the first really effective booster treatment with orange extracts that revives the skin with a flourish.  The tone of your skin is immediately improved, fine lines are minimized, the facial contours appear firmer.  After a heavenly massage, you feel renewed outside and inside.  This treatment is ideal for all skin types (dry, oily or sensitive) and works miracles on tired, lined skin.  75 minutes / FJD $170

Feeling tired or burned out?  Book in for some rest and relaxation with this zesty facial duet.  With the additional help of a micro-current your neck and facial muscles will receive a workout, resulting in a complexion of renewed vitality.  105 minutes / FJD $250

Hydradermie is now the international treatment of preference for leading beauty spas for both men and women who want what is best for their skin. Your spa therapist will choose fortified gels specific to your skin needs: oily, dry, sensitive, anti-wrinkle, lightening and special care for the eyes and neck. These gels are infused into the skin via roller electrodes and ball electrodes transmitting a light galvanic current that draws their specific ingredients deep into the skin. An oxygenating process follows along with a lifting massage and mask to complete this truly divine facial with long lasting effects. 75 minutes / FJD 170

The above "Hydradermie" facial is extended with the application of additional gels and serums specific to those areas that show ageing, e.g. eyes, mouth, and neck. Breathing techniques encourage deep relaxation through the holistic effect of the essential plant essences and soothing massage your arms, decollete, neck, face and scalp will receive. 90 minutes/FJ $195

HYDRADERMIE - LIFT (the facial workout)
This is the latest development in advanced facial therapy that not only delivers tonifying products to the deeper layers of your skin, but also stimulates muscle fibres to tighten, contract and lift.  Resulting in a complexion that is firmed and ultimately lifted with noticeable reduction in sagging jowls and under-eye bags.  This facial includes all the benefits of the traditional Hydradermie, plus the lifting effect on neck and face muscles.  105 minutes / FJD $250

For ultimate muscle firmness of the neck and face, this facial workout can be incorporated into any of the facial treatments. 30 minutes / FJD $80


For prolonged effect and results that last we recommend a 7 day course of treatment.  A full Hydradermie-Lift facial begins and ends this programme with in between daily treatments of the 'Hydra-Lift' to stimulate and hold your muscles firm.  You will also receive a complimentry one hour body massage or pedicare for indulging in this package.  FJD 900

qamea resort private spa massage
Qamea Resort Private Spa Massage


This treatment will hydrate and tone the delicate eye area helping to prevent wrinkles, reduce fine lines, shadows and puffiness.  With the added benefit of 'Hydra-Lift' to lift and tone the muscles around the eye and forehead you will appear firmer and younger.  For longer lasting benefits and results that last we suggest a course of 3 treatments within a week and the use of homecare.
45 minutes / FJD $100; Course of 3 treatments / FJD $280


To prepare your skin for the sun, indulge in the delight of tiny polishing beads being massaged over your body to deeply cleanse, remove dead, dry and damaged cells. Your body will then be massaged with a nourishing moisturizer specific to your body's needs.. 45 minutes / FJ $100

Tropical blend of Fijian raw sugar, purified coconut oil, and invigorating pineapple enzyme. This treatment of organic essential tropical oils and raw sugar is designed to exfoliate and oxygenate the skin to get you ready for a soothing massage that is included. The treatment hydrates your skin and revitalizes your body.
30 minutes / FJ $80

After indulging in a smoothing body polish treatment (see above menu) enjoy the benefits of a great tan that is instant.  This treatment is the perfect way to start your vacation tan and perfect to go home with, as it will enhance your Qamea sun-kissed glow.  A must for brides in waiting!  30 minutes / FJD $70
AFTER-SUN BURN REVIVER (not recommended for severe sun-burn, seek medical attention)
After a day in the sun, revive your skin with this 3-step burn relief treatment.  Your body will be sprayed with a cooling lavender and pure aloe spritzer prior to being wrapped with sunburn relief cream.  While comfortably enveloped you'll receive a scalp massage to soothe your mind.  An application of Guinot After Sun Moisturizer concludes this treatment.  40 minutes /FJD $100

Qamea Spa recommends Guinot.Paris for effective safe sun tanning.  Visit the spa on the first day of your vacation for your personal complimentary suntan prescription. Guinot sun care products contain 'Heliotropine' that encourages a natural, deep and even suntan with a beautiful golden color that stays that way for longer.  Heliotropine reduces the skins' sensitivity, it strengthens the skins' natural defenses and looks after its' beauty even with fragile or sensitive skin.  Guinot sun care products are quickly absorbed by the skin.   They come in a variety of textures (lotion, milk, cream or solid-stick form) and with a broad range of protection factors from SPF 4 to 50.  Always apply your sunscreen, even on overcast days 20 to 30 minutes prior to sun-exposure as it takes this length of time for it to become active within the skin.  Apply Guinot After Sun Moisturizer everyday, its' formula intensifies your suntan, soothes the skin and repairs the damage caused by the sun, as well as providing a feeling of ultimate well being.
Recognizing that body contours are a constant concern of all women and some men, Guinot.Paris has introduced this duet of body treatments, both based on Guinot's wildly successful contouring care gel cream 'Absolue Minceur'.  Each of the body treatments are individually designed - one to address 'body slimming' and the other 'body firming' with a three-phase process. Phase one prepares the skin with an exfoliation and thermogenic action.  Phase two utilizes specific essential oils for their slimming or firming properties.  Phase three envelopes you in a twenty minute clay masque wrap that contains mineral salts and trace elements to stimulate cellular renewal while oxygenating the skin.  Benefits include decreasing the appearance of the orange peel effect caused by cellulite, smoothing the skin, diminishing the feeling of heavy legs, the elimination of toxins and improved blood circulation.  Overall providing a great sense of well-being. 90 minutes /FJD $195, 7 day programme of 3 treatment s/ FJD $500

qamea resort private spa
Qamea Resort Private Waterfront Fiji Resort Spa


'TRES HOMME' treatments for MEN

All facials at Qamea Spa are designed for men and women. However, the following range of treatments use products specific to mens' needs with a masculine fragrance.

Suitable for all skin types. This treatment incorporates a deep cleansing scrub to lift off all the dirt and grime from a hard days work (laying in sunny paradise).  A detoxifying mask helps to take away the toxins, preparing the skin for a stress relieving scalp and facial massage prescribed to suit your skin.  A refreshing moisturising balm completes the treatment, unveiling a healthy and fresh complexion. 
60 minutes / FJD $120

Suitable for all skin types.  This facial is deep cleansing, exfoliating and extremely relaxing.  Specific gels for your skin type are infused into the skin using mechanical, electrical rollers to produce a radiant younger complexion that looks better, even days after treatment.  Enjoy the upper body, face and scalp massage that follows.
75 minutes/FJD $170

Are you concerned about having a spotty back, or wish that your skin was smooth and soft to touch?  Your body will be invigorated by a smoothing body polish that buffs away dry, dead skin cells prior to being wrapped with green clay that deep cleanses detoxifies and oxygenates the skin.  A soothing scalp and foot massage relaxes you before showering and enjoying an application of body lotion.
Full Body 90 minutes/FJD$ 180 - Half Body 60 minutes / FJD $150

Reveal your masculinity by indulging in a full body Torso Treat complimented with a Tres Homme Hydradermie Facial.  A refreshing tropical fruit smoothie completes all Tres Homme Retreats.
2 1/2 hours / FJD $320

Manicure 45 minutes / FJD 85
Pedicure 45 minutes / FJD 95
Eyebrow/Uni-brow wax or tidey / FJD 25
Chest wax FJD 40
Back wax FJD 50
Leg wax P.O.A.


A soothing full-body massage that includes the face and incorporates several bodywork styles with Exotic Coconut Oil to release tension and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.  If you have limited time or prefer only the face, scalp, shoulders and arms massaged or just a relaxing back plus back of leg massage, then choose the 30 minute option.
30 minutes / FJD $70   60 minutes / FJD $100
For relief from back, neck, shoulder and scalp tension.  This 60 minute massage concentrates on un-locking the tension held within the above muscle groups.  Deep pressure is applied to trigger points, which allow the body to simultaneously relax and release muscle aches and pains.  To include the arms and legs we recommend the 90 minute massage.  60 minutes / FJD $150     90 minutes / FJD $180
This massage incorporates the above two massages into one to bring about the best results in mind/body relaxation.  Your back, neck and shoulders receive extra attention to reduce work tension while the rest of you is soothed and stretched into heavenly bliss.  For total body indulgence we recommend the 90 minute massage as extra time is spent on the feet, face and scalp.  70 minutes / FJD $12090 minutes / FJD $150

Settle into 'island life' with this soothing and rebalancing massage.  Essential oils will penetrate your skin via the skillful hands of your therapist using specific massage techniques to soothe and de-stress your back, neck and shoulders.  Your legs and feet will be re-energized with the application and massage of a soothing gel that has a "cold effect" to decongest, alleviate heaviness and reduce puffy ankles.  Enjoy this blissful moment within 24 hours after arrival and receive a 20% discount - then float into your heavenly paradise.  45 minutes / FJD $100
This is for all massage lovers!   If you enjoy massage with two hands, then you will be wonderfully overwhelmed by this 'four hand' massage.  Two therapists perform professional massage techniques in synchronicity to stimulate circulation, nourish the skin, release toxins and tension - leaving you in a state of deep relaxation.  60 minutes / FJD $170

REFLEXOLOGY for your feet
Reduce stress and improve circulation through the healing powers of acupressure.  This therapy focuses on sensitive pressure points of your feet, found to relate to other areas of the body, promoting overall well-being.  30 minutes / FJD $70

SHIODARAHA for your scalp
A fine stream of exotic coconut oil or exotic coconut milk is poured over the third eye (pressure point between the eyebrows).  This treatment stimulates neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, which promotes happiness and a calm state of mind.  A scalp massage follows, alleviating any tension whilst nourishing and conditioning the scalp and hair.  30 minutes / FJD $70
Combine the above two treatments (reflexology and shiodaraha) into one for the ultimate 'East meets West' treatment.  Enjoy the resonating sound of Tibetan cymbols that will lull you into deep relaxation/meditation while your therapist cares for your feet, scalp and hair.  60 minutes / FJD $140


Treat your feet , toenails and lower legs to a fragrant exotic island flower soak, raw sugar rub and frangipani monoi oil massage plus cuticle/nail treatments and painting of your toenails. A pure delight for both your soles and soul.
45 minutes / FJD $ 95

Treat your hands, nails and arms to a fragrant manicure of exotic island fruits, raw sugar rub, exotic oil massage plus nail and cuticle treatments. 45 minutes / FJD$ 85
Nail Painting  10 minutes / FJD $20
French Polishing  20 minutes / FJD$ 30



Half Lex Wax 30 minutes / FJD 50
Full Leg Wax 45 minutes / FJD 70
Bikini / Underarm wax 20 minutes / FJD 35
Chest Wax 20 minutes / FJD 40
Back Wax 10 minutes / FJD 25
Eyebrow Wax / tweeze reshape 10 minutes / FJD 25
Eyelash / Eyebrow Tinting 15 minutes / FJD 30

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